3D Printers I have 2 printers one is a K3 which is parts off magazine or you can buy complete the other is self built from a kit off EBay.

The K3 is quite easy to use a bit of calibrating before uses the only down sides to this type of printer is    1 needs to be connected to PC for printing.       2 size of printing bed area.      3 cant modify easily     4 the cost of printer.

The kit built is somewhat of a different animal you have to understand the software to change the settings to get this printer to print well, but once learnt it has plenty of good points.   1 can print from SD card    2 size of bed is much bigger    3 can modify easily    4 Cost only a third of the cost of the K3.

I have modified this printer to print 2 colours I tried a 3 colour but couldn’t get it to print well, the print head for this mod I printed the parts using my K3 printer so only cost was extruder motor plastic and hotend as the motherboard can take up to 2 hotends and 3 extruders if you don’t know what these parts are then you need to only buy a ready built printer or do some research before spending out.

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