I have at the moment 6 drones from Large self builds to the smallest.

This is my largest self build from a kit off EBay which I then done some mods like adding the weather proof dome whish started its life as a food container. This drone is not a toy it is heavy and can fly up to 60 mph and I have added a camera stable tilt platform which keeps the camera level even when making the drone tilt.


The second of my drones is another self build from EBay but this one is very different beast to the first it has the same weather protection and camera stable platform but this one has Bluetooth and GPS. You can program this one to take a flight via your Phone so no Radio Control distant problems with this their are some great videos on YouTube one person took his quad to film so high you can see the curve of the Earth.


This one is my first which my wife got me one Christmas a few moons ago now it flies straight out of the box it has a camera the videos are OK but low res but it is a few years old now and cameras on quads have improved as on my later newer ones. This flies well but range is not that great and very unstable in wind.


This one is like the last one smaller newer electronics and a better camera res but still unstable in winds.


This is for fun its a micro quad just 46mm for indoors only I love playing with this one.


This is my newest it has a camera like the others but this drone flies as a quad but you then can fly it like a plane this is a better quality drone to the other out of the box it is much more stable and has some good additions like auto take off which make the drone lift to about 3 foot off the deck and stay their if you push it say to the left it goes back to the start position on its own, It also has a home button which brings the quad back to the start and lands itself.


So these are my quads so far all very different from Large to Small.

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