I have all the normal tools that are needed but I also have some specialist tools to.


The first specialist tool I made myself its a 3D milling machine I used a modeller’s drill stand and a 2 axis bed which I fitted XYZ stepper motors and a Dremel  router I use Mach3 software works well,


The second tool is for my craft work I was making card models for N Gauge railways and the cutting the main designs was time consuming and hard work so I found a little cutting machine called a Craft Robo, It cuts paper and card from the PC I use TurboCad software to design the model the use the Robo software to cut it out.


The third tool I found I needed was a way of removing chips off circuit boards for a project I was working on I had a read up about how it is done as trying 1 pin at a time with a soldering iron made a mess of the board. I read that they use a heat gun blower I had never heard of this type of machine so turned to EBay as always when I need something and found what I needed so I got one it has a temperature  controlled blower and a nice soldering iron.


Another simple but very useful tool is a Glue Gun I use this for allsorts of things great tool to have.


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